Bangl starts getting 60 MW more
By Our Correspondent, 09/09/2017, DHAKA

Bangladesh is importing 60 MW of more power from Tripura which is now waiting to be formally inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on tomorrow. Besides, inauguration of 10 more Upazillas to be under 100 percent electrification service will take place on tomorrow.Earlier in this March Bangladesh started importing 100 MW of power from Tripura, India which is now going to be 160 MW form tomorrow. However, informally the import has already begun and it is awaiting a formal inauguration by the Prime Minister.Bangladesh is already importing 500 MW of power from India using Veramara, Kustia line.

From tomorrow on, total imported power from India will take a shape of 660 MW.The process of importing 500 more MW of power from the Indian private sector is already in progress. Adani group of India has already proposed Bangladesh to import that amount of power from Jharkhand. Bangladesh has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Adani group to import electricity.According to the related source, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the 60 MW power import through a video conference.

At the same time she will inaugurate the 100 percent electrification of the 10 upazillas.The latest 10 upazillas are, Mollarhat of Bagerhat, Hakimpur of Dinajpur, Kotchandpur of Jhiaidoho, Fenchuganj of Sylhet, Veramara of Kustia, Bhairab of Kishoreganj, Sitakundu of Chittagong and Narsingdi sadar upazilla.Besides, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the power station named ASPCL of Ashuganj, Brahmanbaria having a capacity of 450MW and CLC power limited of Basila, Keraniganj having a capacity of 100 MW. Both of these power plants are oil-fired.