No takers for transit via Bangladesh
By Our Correspondent, 17/08/2017, Agartala

Bangladesh government’s decision to allow India use of its territory for transit of cargo and passengers to the North East may be seen as a major concession in Bangladesh. But Indian users are showing little interest to avail themselves of the facility.In June 2015, the prime ministers of both the countries flagged off bus services between Agartala in Tripura and Kolkata in West Bengal through the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

The State transport departments of West Bengal and Tripura offered to run two separate services for three days a week.Policy makers expected the service to be a major hit among travellers, as the distance travelled is only 500 km compared with the 1,650-km journey through the chicken’s neck or Siliguri corridor. But unviable pricing has led to a situation where there are no takers for transit facility. But New Delhi is still keen to keep the transit option open as it can be used for ferrying essentials in case of emergency .Delhi has also proposed a soft loan to Dhaka for the development of container terminal at Ashugunj. A $338.8-million loan was granted for redevelopment of the road from Ashugunj to Akhaura.