Agartala to come closer to Dhaka
By Our Correspondent, 09/08/2017, Agartala

Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) has taken an initiative to build four bridges in the eastern and southwestern parts of the country to facilitate smooth connectivity.One of these bridges might be a little longer than the Padma bridge, the country's longest and much-talked-about bridge, while three others will be over 1.5 kilometres long, according to officials.The bridges will enhance connectivity within the districts in the regions and with the rest of the country.Once constructed, the bridges will play a significant role in enhancing economic activities, the officials said, adding that one bridge will reduce the distance between Dhaka and Agartala, the capital of Indian state of Tripura.

On Tuesday, the BBA signed an agreement with a joint venture firm, comprising Bangladeshi, Indian and UK companies, which will conduct feasibility studies focusing on the length, alignment, locations and importance of the bridges in the socio-economic context.The joint venture firm, comprising STUP Consultant Private Limited of India, Development Design Consultant Ltd., DevConsultant Limited of Bangladesh and CAWI UK Limited, will carry out the year-long feasibility studies.

The proposed bridges will be built over Kalabodor and Tetulia rivers on Barisal-Bhola route, over Payra river on Patuakhali-Amtoli-Barguna route, over Karkhana river on Bakerganj-Baufol upazila route and over Meghna river on Araihajar-Banchharampur route.BBA officials said the bridge on Barisal-Bhola route is expected to be as long as Padma bridge, as it will be built over Kalabodor and Tetulia rivers and a char to establish direct communication between Bhola and Barisal districts.