Govt. run swimming pool goes unhygienic in Tripura, diseased many children
By Our Correspondent, 11/06/2019, Agartala

Many children are diagnosed with several skin diseases and many hospitalised after the government run swimming pools in the capital town of Agartala went unhygienic. Lack of inspection and maintenance has lead the water in the swimming pools  Umakanta Swimming pool and Raima Pool at Agartala Badharghat unhygienic for the children. Children of different age groups who have been swimming in the pool at Umakanta School premise were diagnosed with several skin diseases as the water in the pool has always been remained unchecked and non-purified. 

Many children were hospitalised after being diagnosed with skin diseases due to this unchecked impure water in the swimming pool. However following the complaint, the state youth affairs and sports department has shutdown one of this two government run swimming pools. "We have shut down the Umakanta School Swimming pool following the complaints of skin diseases," said sports minister Manoj kanti Deb.

Replying to the query of the today morning, the minister said, "We do not have any water purifier nor any other means to check this impure water at Umakanata school. But we have taken an initiative to install water purifier like tools at Badharghat Raima Pool." Meantime, after being asked over telephonic conversation today, the minister said, "We do  not have sufficient fund to install water purifier and regularly check the water in the swimming pool at Umakanta School." Adding to this the minister said, "For the time being we have shut down the swimming pool to restrict further untoward incidents with the children."