"193 MTs of Pineapples exported from Tripura so far": BJP rubbishes media reports
By Our Correspondent, 10/06/2019, Agartala

The Bharatiya Janata Party today ruled out the media reports on Tripura Pineapple growers facing market crisis this time, and claimed that a total of 193 Metric Tonne of Pineapples are exported till dat from the state of Tripura hiking profit for the growers across the state. Addressing a press conference this evening the BJP State spokesperson Dr. Ashok Sinha said, "As per the record a total of 100 MT itself are being exported to neighbouring Bangladesh and other states including Guwahati and Kolkata in separate occasion."

He said, "80 MT of qwi variety of Pineapple from Tripura is exported to Delhi at the cost of Rs. 10.50 each pineapple. Tripura have also exported a total of 6 MT of Queen variety of pineapple to Bangladesh at the cost of Rs. 17 to Rs. 18 which are of less than 1 Kg., 4 MT of the Queen variety at the cost of Rs. 20 exported to Guwahati, 1.5 MT of queen variety of pineapple exported to Kolkata at the cost of Rs. 15 each pineapple and 100 MTs of queen variety of pineapple at the cost of Rs. 20 at its maximum price is exproted to Bangladesh in separate occasion."

Mr. Sinha claimed unlike previous years, Pineapple in Tripura has got hefty market abroad since the last 1 years and more which also sees hefty profit for the farmers or the growers. He said the some misinformation has lead the media report go against the Pineapple market in Tripura. He said, "Tripura is still on way of exporting pineapples different of its variety abroad state. As the season has just began many pineapples are still immature in different land and they shall be readied for export."