Tenders / EOIs
Sl No.Description / TitleDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Tender notice for various maintenance work of roads.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-05-201818-08-2018download
2ADDENDUM for Due to poor response of the aforesaid tender the date of tender have been rescheduled as here under where in terms & conditions of the tender will remain unchangedPWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201819-06-2018download
3Procurement of different dia. DI(K9) Pipe for Water Supply Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)19-05-201829-06-2018download
4Mtc. of road near Bridge Chowmuhani under Sonamura Sub-division PWD(R&B) during the year 2018-19/ SH: Patch soling, metalling, carpeting, seal coat etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-05-201807-07-2018download
5Memo regarding NIT No.30/EE/PNIT/MECH.DIVN/AGT/2017-18 dated 16.03.2018 which was circulated vide this office Memo no. F.EEM/TS/1(32)/09-10/8562-8624 dated 16.03.2018 and which was extended up to 23.05.2018 vide this office Memo No. F.EEM/TS/1(32) /09-10/ 838-900 Dated 03/05/2018PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-05-201807-07-2018download
6Renovation of Minor Irrigation Scheme of PWD(WR) during the year 2017-18/ L.I. scheme at West chebri-II ( Near Pucca Bridge ) under Khowai R.D. Block& L.I. scheme at Champahour Near the house of Nilmani Deb Barma under Tulashikhar R.D. BlockPWD (Water Resources)24-05-201807-07-2018download
7Cooking , Supplying and Serving of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Two Time RefreshmentRelief, Rehabilitation and Disaster Management 24-05-201801-07-2018download
8sealed Tender /Quotation from the interested buyers for sale one number condemned vehicle bearing registration No.TRP-239, Type of vehicle- TATA 1210 Truck of KTDS Police Training Academy, NarsingarhHome (Police)24-05-201807-07-2018download
9Construction of RCC boundary wall including RCC pillar and gate at Northern side of ICP Agartala. (4th Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-05-201830-06-2018download
10FDR to road from Talarban to Kalkalia (L=2.40km) during the year 2018-19/SH:-Construction of cross drainage structure by replacing the damaged existing spun pipe at ch.0.10 km, PWD (Roads and Buildings)25-05-201830-06-2018download
11Memorendum regarding office memo no-f.160/ptn/ee-i/2018-19/119-178 the dropping date has been extended.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
12Tender for Mtc. of road from Adhibashighat to Tuisama Burighat RCC bridge during the year 2018-19 / SH: Patch soling, metalling, carpeting, re-carpeting.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
13Tender for Construction of RCC box cell culvert at Machuar Tilla over Belonia Cherra (6.00 Mtr. x 3) (Job No.TP/COM/3/2018-19).PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
14Mtc. of road from TK road to Duski (Length- 3.326 km)/ SH: Patch metalling, re-carpetting etc. DNIT No. 01/EE/TLM/PWD(R&B)/2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
15Providing I.E for fixing of ceilling fan at Government residential quarters at KTS, Kamuritilla, Malanchaniwas under the jurisdiction of I.E Sub-Division No-I, Gurkhabasti: Agartala Tripura.Cooperation03-06-201830-06-2018download
16FDR of road from Sonamura-Melaghar road to Dhaliai (Ch. 0.50km to 1.00km) under Sonamura Nagar Panchayet area during the year 2018-19/ SH: Patch soling, metalling, carpeting, seal coat protection wall etc. DNIT No. 35/EE/SNM/PWD/2018-2019.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
17Tender for Mtc. of approach road of Ebenezer High School, Twiphuma (L=0.550 km)/SH: extention for road and 2 (Two) nos C.D, patch metalling, carpetting and pucca drain etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
18Tender for Mtc. of approach road of Ebenezer High School, Twiphuma (L=0.550 km)/SH: extention for road and 2 (Two) nos C.D, patch metalling, carpetting and pucca drain etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
19Memorandum regarding the last date of receiving tender against Press Notice Inviting Tender No. 04/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2018-19 dated, 02.05.2018 as circulated vide memo No. F.TC/01/EE/UDP-DIVN/703-765 dated 02.05.2018PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-06-201830-06-2018download
20Corrigendum regarding DNIT No.-02/EE/KLSD/2018-19 & DNIT No-03/EE/KLSD/2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-06-201830-06-2018download
21FDR/urgent Mtc. Of various roads under the juridictionh of Ganganagar PWD Sub-Division during the year 2018-19/SH: Stripping, Gunny bags filling, Patch reparing, Soling, Surface drain, Carpeting and seal coat etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201830-06-2018download
22Mtc. of Nripen Chakraborty Market to NBCC road via Khemananda Tilla (L= 3.00 Km)/SH:- Re-carpeting, grouting, seal coat etc. (Ch. 0.00 Km to 0.900 Km).PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201830-06-2018download
23Maintenance of Road from Machmara-KN Road to Kailabaritilla Road during the year 2017-18/SH: Construction of Slab Culvert, Wing Wall, Earth filling, Soling and protection works etc. at Ch.0.165 KMPWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201830-06-2018download
24Tender regarding ISI marked (IS: 14246) Pre-painted galvanized steel sheet including supply of pre-painted plain formed ridge of same quality and material.Rural Development08-06-201830-06-2018download
25Construction of RCC Bridge (Length = 36.00 m) over Sankuma Cherra at Ch. 2.00 km over Jampuijala Bazar to Sambaria Bazar via Natunnagar, sanctioned for implementation under NABARD(RIDF-XXI), Job No. TP/COM/42/2015-16PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201829-06-2018download
26Improvement of road from Satmura Chowmuhani to Belonia Railway Station (L-2.40 km). / SH: Widening, Flat & edge soling, Metalling, Carpeting, Construction of CD, Toe wall, Road side pucca drain & other allied works (Job No.TP/COM/26/2018-19).PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201830-06-2018download
27Procurement of Centrifugal Pump sets with motors (Electrically Operated) for different WR Schemes in Tripura during the year 2017-2018.(Gr. No. I). (2nd call)PWD (Water Resources)08-06-201830-06-2018download
28Improvement of road from NH 208(A) near Hafaitilla Shiv Mandir to NH 208(A) (L-0.60 KM)/SH: Matalling, carpeting, CD structure including road side f=drain etc. under BADP.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-06-201830-06-2018download
29Proposed construction of 03 (three) nos. staff quarters building [ Type -I quarter - 02 units ( one block - twin single storey), and Type-III quarter - 01 units ( one block - single storey ) ] for Rupaichari Primary Health Centre (PHC) under Sabroom Sub-division, South Tripura / SH: Building portion including internal water supply, sanitary installation, Sewage and Drainage worksPWD (Roads and Buildings)09-06-201830-06-2018download
30Operation & Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant in Tripura / Procurement of ISI marked Alumino Ferric (Grade 4 of IS 299:2012, Fifth Revision) during the year 2018-19PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)09-06-201830-06-2018download
31Procurement of different dia. DI (K9) Pipe for Water Supply Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19. Phase-IIPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)09-06-201830-06-2018download
32Mtc of road from Santir bazaar to Panchamnagar via MM Debbarma para road durig the year 2018-19/SH: Contn. Of cross drain (Span=1.50m) Road side pucca drain including RCC salb etc. At Santir Bazar under Kumarghat Block area.PWD (Roads and Buildings)12-06-201804-07-2018download
33Construction of Motorstand at Rajarbag, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura / SH: Building portion including internal water supply, sanitary installation, boundary wall and Hardstand.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-06-201807-07-2018download
34Percentage rate tender(s) from Central & State Public Sector undertaking / Enterprise and eligible Contractors / Firms /Agencies of appropriate class registered with PWD / TTAADC / MES / CPWD /Railway / Other State PWDPWD (Roads and Buildings)13-06-201829-06-2018download
35Cancellation of Tender of Press NIT No.04/EE/SBM/DIV/2018-19 dated 25/05/2018PWD (Roads and Buildings)12-06-201807-07-2018download
36Improvement of road from NH08(Karaiban) to Tolakona via Noagaon Keprampara Landless Colony(L=5.00km) under NABARD/ Job No. TP/COM/28/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-06-201814-07-2018download
37Up-gradation of Jampuijala PHC to 50 Bedded Sub-Divisional Hospital at Jampuijala, Sepahijala District, Tripura under the Scheme RIDF during the year 2017-18/SH: Expansion of Hospital Building (Double storied) including Kitchen and Morgue/Building portion including internal water supply, Sanitary installation, Sewage and Drainage works.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-06-201814-07-2018download
38Memorandum regarding last date selling and dropping tender has been extented upto 15.06.2018 against press NIT No.30/EE/PNIT/MECH.DIVN/AGT/2017-18PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-06-201830-06-2018download
39100 seated Girls’ hostel (Ground Floor) at Taidubari, Amarpur, Gomati Tripura /S.H. Construction of 100 seated Girls’ hostel (Ground Floor) at Taidubari Amarpur, Gomati TripuraEducation (School)16-06-201827-07-2018download
40Up gradation of road from kadamtala to Rani Bari (TR-03-03 (Ug) (Lenglh 12.60 km) under kadamtala blockPWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)16-06-201827-06-2018download
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