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1FDR/Emergency flood protection work at left bank of Dhalai River at Malaya last point near the gate no 145 during the year 2018-19 at Mohnapur G.P. under Durgachowmuhani Block/SH:- Bank protection work by placing of Wire Crates (Gr-II).PWD (Roads and Buildings)26-01-201918-02-2019download
2Replacement of Spun Pipe Culvert by RCC Box-Cell (2x6.00mtr) on Chellagang -Jatanbari Fire Service road ( at Nizachandra Para) to Asharam Para & Prabin Para over local Cherra at Ch.O.lOKm.(Job No.TP/COM/1/2018-19). 2"d call .PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-01-201925-02-2019download
3Construction of RCC Box Cell culvert (6.00X6.00 mtr) on Ghaniamara to Kamthana BSF Camp road at 0.30 km via Kayadepa under RIDF-XXIV Scheme during the year 2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-01-201925-02-2019download
4Consultancy services to prepare DPR for Construction of:-1. Rain Water Storage Reservoir on upper catchment of Haora river near Champaknagar in Tripura.2.Rain Water Storage Reservoir on upper catchment of Champacherra near Champabari in Tripura.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)30-01-201918-02-2019download
5Strengthening and improvement of riding quality of road from Kumarghat to Kanchanbari via Fatikroy (Job No.CRF /TR /2018-19/019) DRAFT NIT No: 02/CE/PWD(NH)/CRF/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)30-01-201919-02-2019download
6Tender for Stengthening and Improvement of riding quality of road from Jalefa to ChotokhilPWD (Roads and Buildings)31-01-201920-02-2019download
7Tender for Proposed construction of Double storied Administrative Building for Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Salema Dhalai, Tripura./ S.H: Building construction including water supply & sanitary installation.PWD (Roads and Buildings)31-01-201916-02-2019download
8Name of work:- Maintenance of RGM Hospital, Kailashahar, Unakoti Tripura / SH. Repairing of plaster, sanitary pipe line and water supply line, water proofing treatment of roof, construction of outside drain etc complete.PWD (Roads and Buildings)31-01-201919-02-2019download
9Tender for Flood Damage Repair (FOR) of NH 08 (44) in beween the CH 419.00 KM to CH 422.00 KM during the year 2018-19/ SH: Grouting, PMC, Protection work, Improvement of road side berm, removal of land slips, earth cutting etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)31-01-201918-02-2019download
10Ordinary repair (OR) of NH 208 from km 21.75 to km 53.80 during the year 2018-19 / SH:- Protection work, WBM, Potholes repair, carpeting with seal coat, clearing of land slip, kuccha drain, maintenance of earthen shoulder etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-02-201916-02-2019download
11Ordinary repair (OR) of NH 8 from km 343.00 to km 373.00 during the year 2018-19 / SH:- WBM, Potholes repair, carpeting with seal coat, clearing of land slip, kutcha drain, maintenance of earthen shoulder etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-02-201921-02-2019download
12Improvement of Machmara - Krishnatilla road (Total length=7.00km)/SH: Widening, metalling, carpeting, CDs, road side drains and protection works etc. during the year 2018-19 (Job No.TP/COM/21/2018-19).PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-02-201919-02-2019download
13Proposed construction of single storied 10(ten) bedded Primary Health Centre (PHC) building including 10(ten) Nos. Staff Quarters (I Type -I quarter - 04 units (one block - twi n double storey).PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-02-201919-02-2019download
14Mtc. of Agartala town road during the year 2018-19 / Construction of Brick masonry drain from Bhagaban Thakur Chowmuhani to near embankment (eastern side) & RCC cross drain at Bhagaban Thakur Chowmuhani (2nd Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)01-02-201918-02-2019download
15Maintenance of road during the year 2018 - 2019 I Flood Damage Repair of road network under AMC Ward No.4, 5 & 6 / SH: Soling, patch repairing carpeting, seal coat, sand seal coat and other allied works.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201916-02-2019download
16Strengthening and Improvement of Riding quality of Road from Tainani to Debipur Via. Adipur. (L=7.80 Km) (Ch.O.OO Km to Ch.7.80 Km)PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201927-02-2019download
17Construction of RCC Boxcell 2 nos.x6.00 mtr at Radhanagar over local cherra road from Kalinjoy to Battala under Hezamara R.D Block.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201918-02-2019download
18Strengthening and improvement of riding quality of road from Jirania Motor Stand to TTAADC HQ Khumlung to Belbari (Job No. CRF/TR/2018-191021)PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201922-02-2019download
19Strengthening of road from Agartala Udaipur (Police Line) to Kupilong /SH; Re-carpeting and Seal coat (L=5.00 km).PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-02-201920-02-2019download
20Replacement of Bailey Bridge by Construction of RCC box cell (2x8.00m) on the road from korbong to Radhachran para at Ch: 0.60 km under belbari block under RIDFXXIV(NABARD).PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-02-201928-02-2019download
21Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Box culvert over Local cherra on the road from Namanjoybari bazar to Pramodnagar road at Ch. 0. 120 Km./SH: RCC box culvert,GSB,metalling. carpeting & protection work. (5054 NABARD).PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-02-201925-02-2019download
22Strengthening and Improvement of riding quality of road from Jamjurl to Chandrapur.PWD (Roads and Buildings)05-02-201922-02-2019download
23Proposed construction shade over existing Gallery at Sabroom Melar Math / SH:- Construction of covered shade, VIP Box, extension of Gallery etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
24Providing, Installation and Commissioning of 01(One) No. traction type Geared lift of 10(ten) passenger capacity (680 kg) elevator up to G+3 level at Haz Bhavan, Melarmath, Agartala (2nd Call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
25Construction of RCC Box culvert (3x8.00m) over local cherra on the road from Karbook-Silaichari road (Nabojoy Para) to Chellagang at ch. 1 0.80KM during the year 2018-19 under NABARD(RIDF-XXIV). DNIT No: 46//NIT /SE-III/R/2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201905-03-2019download
26Imp. Of road from Internal roads (Approach road to Academic Block, Boys Hostel, Girls Hostel, Queter etc.) of Ekalabya model residential School complex, Bhuratali, Sabroom South Tripura (L= 0.610 Km)/ SH: formation widening, GSB, Metalling, carpeting, CD tow wall etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201922-02-2019download
27PR of VIP Road from Lichubagan to MBB Airport during the year 2018-19 (L=6.50km)/SH:BM & carpeting in/c road marking, placing traffic cone etc. complete (2nd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-02-201902-03-2019download
28Proposed construction of 12(twelve) Nos. Staff Quarters building [ Type -I quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ), Type-II quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ) and Type-III quarter - 04 units (one block - twin double storey ) ] at Kakraban Community Health Centre (CHC) under Udaipur Sub-division, Gomati District, Tripura under NHM scheme/SH: Building portion including internal water supply, Sanitary installation, Sewage and Drainage works.PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-02-201928-02-2019download
29Strengthening of road starting from Kanchanpur-Jalabassa road to Ahalyapur via Kanchanpur Sub-Jail (Total length=2.00 Km) under Laljuri RD Block during the year 2018-19/SH:-Patch soling, patch metalling, bituminous grouting, carpeting/ re- carpeting of whole surface in/c road side pucca drain etc ch. from 0.00 km to 2.00 km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-02-201921-02-2019download
30Replacement of Bailey bridge by RCC Bridge over Pilak Cherra on the road from Jolaibari-Kowaifung to NH-44 via Banik Para at ch.0.030 Km sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), [Job No. TP/COM/26/2014-15] /Construction of approach road.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-02-201906-03-2019download
31Restoratio.n of the road from Jackson Gate to Bhuturia via Women's College during the year 2018-19/(Digging portion of DWS dewatering pipeline) 19/(Digging portion of DWS dewatering pipeline) and Seal coat etcPWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201926-02-2019download
32Maintenance of different Govt. residential PWD quarter under PWD (R&B) Dharmanagar Sub-Division Dharmanagar, during the year 2018-19/ SH: Plastering, wood work, steel work, brick work, finishing work, water supply and sanitary etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201905-03-2019download
33Improvement of formation by earth filling, Mtc. of bricks soling road from N/H of Nirod Das via 2 nos AWC Bhubitilla to PMGSY road under BADP Scheme. Gr. No.-1 (Ch.O.OO KM to 0.40KM).PWD (Roads and Buildings)09-02-201901-03-2019download
34OR of NH44-A during the year 2018 - 19, Ch. from Km 76.00 to 134.00 (i.e from Chandipur to Shimlung, L= 58.00 Km)/ SH:- Clearing of land slide, restoration of road formation, turfing, bamboo palasiding, constn. of unlined surface drain, gunny bag placing in/c soling and bats filling at different stretches. Ch. from 76.00 to 105.00 Km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201928-02-2019download
35Strengthening of Kailashahar - Rangauti road (Portion from Dak Banglow to Rangauti IBB road) (L=7.05 Km)/ SH: Patch metalling, Grouting, re-carpeting, seal coating including CD and road side pucca drain Ch. from 2.50Km to 7.05 Km/ Portion from 2.50 km to 6.35 km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
36Construction of approach road of RCC. Bridges at ch. 2.20km & 5.40km Dulucherra and Rambhadra chera ISH:- providing WBM.BM, carpeting. sand seal coating, road side cutcha drain etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
37FDR of road from Nepaltilla to Kukicherra during the year 2018-19 (L-2 .20 km)/SH·-Construction of protection wall, repa1r of pot holes, re-carpeting w1th WBM-111 and RSD Ch. 0.00 km to 1.20 km.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201927-02-2019download
38Renovation & Mtc. Of Dhalai District Hospital/SH:- Roof treatment and other allied works etc. at Dhalai Distric Hospital Building at Kulai during the year 2017-18PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201906-03-2019download
39Name of work:- Strengthening of road from 82 -Mile to Bhati Dudpur road during the year 2018-19/ SH: Carpeting , Grouting etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201901-03-2019download
40Replacement of SPT Bridge no. 2 at Ch. 3.00 km by RCC bridge on Nadiapurbazar - Old NEC road via Saidacherra Sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX) (2nd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)13-02-201907-03-2019download
41Construction of single cell R.C.C box cell culvert (5.00 m x 5.00 m) clear span including approach at ch.1.10 km on the road from B.B road (Gardhang Bazar) to Lowgang Bazar via Rohini Bashak house (L-3.00 k.m). Under RIDF - XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201911-03-2019download
42Strengthing of road from Sarkartilla to Champamura (L-4.00 km) under RIDF-XXIV Project during the year 2018-19/ SH: Re-Sectioning, carpeting, sand seal coating & CD.PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201906-03-2019download
43Construction of RCC Box-Cell Culvert (2x5.00m) over local cherra on the road from Karbook-Silaichari road (Nabojoy Para) to Chellagang at Chaiange 6.275 km during the year 2018-19 under NABARD(RIDF-XXIV).PWD (Roads and Buildings)14-02-201911-03-2019download
44Procurement of ISI marked Fe 410 grade welded ERW pipes confirming to IS: 3589-2001 (Latest Revision) with both side beveled end of different diameter including carrying of materials, all kinds of loading, unloading and stacking properly at DWS central store-yard, Nandannagar etc. complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-Charge for DTW Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19. 2nd callPWD (Roads and Buildings)15-02-201925-03-2019download
45Construction of RCC bridge (Length=36m) over river Thakura Cherra on Gandacherra-Raishyabari road at Ch.7.50km, sanctioned for implementation under NABARD (RIDF-XX), Job No.TP/COM/37/2014-15 (4th call)PWD (Water Resources)15-02-201911-03-2019download
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