Ouster of Birajit just a matter of time
By Our Correspondent, 11/09/2017, Agartala

The ouster of PCC president Birajit Sinha seems to be just a matter of time. The manner in which AICC secretary Bhupen Borah was seen with Gopal Roy and Pujan Biswas seems to suggest the newly emerging equations in state Congress. For sometime there was confusion as to who is the contender of Birajit for the post of PCC president. Is it Gopal Roy or is it Pijush Biswas? And who is contender for the post of Youth Congress president? Is it Dipraj Roy, son of Gopal Roy or is it Pujan Biswas, son of Pijush Biswas?

Now it is clear that the two powerful families of state Congress have stuck a deal in terms of deciding their next course of action in terms of ousting Birajit Sinha. It will be Gopal who will be the choice of dissident faction as the next PCC president while Pujan will be the obvious choice for the post of Youth Congress president replacing Sushanta Choudhury.