Horticulture is a ray of development: Jishnu
By Our Correspondent, 12/07/2018, Agartala

Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Devbarma on Thursday said, no matter prejudices occur in front of the government but we have to stand erect to contemplate Horticultural products as our prime focus instead of rubber, tea or coffee, as such products has a higher values in the national and international market, during his speech at Pragna Bhavan.

He was addressing a confederation orientation program organized as “Pine-apple festival and exposition” at Pragna Bhavan conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industries. While delivering the gathering he also added, the accurate crops that should be cultivated here, the horticultural products are forcefully replaced by rubber which should not be given much preference due to its hazardous emissions to the environment.  

Taking a note on the cultivation problems and horticultural issues he further said, time by time the connectivity of the state is enhancing with smoothness and in few years Tripura is slated to have international gateway, giving the state a superior priority in NE region, so we have to make everything possible and carve a formulated policy to extend our positive help to the general masses, such as more products of Tripura could be exported to outside countries.