Police finally caught the main accused of Karbi Anglong lynching incident
By Our Correspondent, 13/06/2018, Guwahati

Assam police has arrested the main accused of the Karbi Anglong lynching incident. On Wednesday morning, police has the main culprit identified as Alphajoz Timung alias Alpha, who allegedly instigated the lynching of two youth artists Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath at Panjuri village under Dokmoka police station in the hill district on June 8 evening. After rentless search for the man who sent out the message that the youths are child abductors, Assam police finally caught him nearby the Panjuri village.

Police has so far arrested 28 persons including Alphajoz Timung in connection with the lynching incident. On June 8 evening, the main culprit Alphajos Timung allegedly first got into a small altercation with two Guwahati youth Nilotpal Das and Abhijit Nath near Kangthilangso waterfall and Alphajoz alleged that they are child lifters.The two Guwahati youths had refused the allegation and also tried to avoid him and left the place. Immediately, Alphajoz called up some his friends and pelted stones on the car where the youth duo travelled.

Alphajoz also called up some people of the village and stating that, he has seen two child kidnappers who left from the place in a black colour SUV and repeatedly called up the villagers to stop the car and attack the child abductors. Assam DGP Kuladhar Saikia said that, Alphajoz Timung had directed the villagers to attack the victims by spreading rumours as the two youths are child abductors.“Alphajoz sent message to the villagers through his mobile phone that, two youth came here to abduct child. Accordingly, the villagers came out to the tri junction of the area and assault the youths.

The two youths were beaten to death by a mob,” Assam DGP Kuladhar Saikia said.On the other hand, some sources said that, the youths met a unknown lady at Kangthilangso area and engaged with an altercation with Alphajoz Timung. Rumours about child lifters (locally called Xupadhora) had fuelled the whole incident took place at the remote area and Alphajoz had allegedly used the recent viral messages of child lifter in social media to fulfil his own enmity. In 2014, Alphajoz Timung was allegedly involved in the killing of a person named Mith Das.

On the other hand, Karbi Anglong district police has arrested six other persons in connection with Diphu police station Case number 123/2018 u/s 120(B)/153(A)/ 504/505(2)/506/507 of IPC and Section 66F of IT Act for their alleged  involved either in the capturing of video of the incident. Apart from it, police has arrested 35 other persons for posting hate messages and objectionable posts on social media in different districts of the state.